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is your stock accumulating in the warehouse?

Transform your overstocks into an opportunity!


is the tuning of lead time and price overwhelming your day?

Transform your problem into an opportunity!


be the worlds’ reference for matching opportunities in B2B niche markets.


Induce business opportunities that fosters a win-win approach for all partners.

We will do it by providing the best tools to match their needs prospering business in a sustainable and transparent way.

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We are a marketplace that aims to be the worlds’ reference for matching opportunities in B2B. We work every day to create a trustfully environment that induces business opportunities fostering a win-win approach to all partners, being interdependence the way to manage our work. twoosk believes in making a difference. We prevent the waste of resources by finding new owners for stocks unused that are no longer needed. In our marketplace, we link companies with overstocks with who needs them in the shortest possible time. Fast, smart, simple, efficient.

We are investing to reach a global audience to nurture our community, connecting Procurement & Logistics’ professionals from utilities tech sectors. We help by releasing them from the burden of overstock management, what allows to use their time in more productive and successful way. Doing this, we also help buyers to find products with unbeatable lead times, reducing time to market for their clients’ projects. We see market disruption as natural move, as “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. We are not brokers but facilitators of market opportunities matching.

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